When we designed the 2014 Crossberg we had a few goals: make a capable CX frameset that's aggressive, stable and affordable enough to crash over and over again during a mud-soaked race weekend. This is not a normal cross bike. In fact, you could say it's almost experimental. The compact geometry is reminiscent of a mountain bike and the long low stance and curved fork is more road race than classic cross. Though the Crossberg isn't everybody's cup of tea, it's designed to go blindingly fast in the dirt: nimble enough to negotiate tight, slow corners and balanced enough to fast off-camber sweepers. The low stance also brings saddle height down 1-2cm over most other cross bikes, which means remounting is easier, more efficient and less dramatic.

The thinking in cyclocross design has come a long way since the days of toe-clips. Bottom bracket heights have dropped and wheelbases have gotten tighter.